Lectio Divina PRayer

Lectio is a beautiful practice of scripture repetition, stilling our minds and focusing on how God's Word produces life change. If you are having a hard time reading the Bible and want to try and digest it in short, manageable pieces then this is the practice for you. Below is the five steps it takes to complete  Lectio. The reading, prayer and meditation do not take long to do, but the overall practice of Lectio should take the whole day or even a few days. Take some time to try it yourself! 

  • Read

    Find a section of scripture that you would like to meditate on. This doesn't have to be a long passage but could only be a few verses. Read the passage three times, out loud, with 3-5 minutes of silence in between.

  • Meditate

    Take time between each reading of scripture to meditate. First reading focus on the scenery of the story. Second reading focus on a sentence. Third reading focus on a word.

  • Pray

    Take what you meditated on to God. Lean in and listen to how God is trying to speak to you through the scenery, sentence and word within the scripture.

  • Contemplation

    Scripture is meant to challenge us in our daily lives. After going to God in prayer, contemplate how the scripture challenges you to live differently. This isn't part of the fifteen minute devotional process, but an ongoing contemplation throughout the days and weeks to come as you let God and the scripture work within you. How is God challenging you?

  • Action

    Contemplation means nothing without direct action. When you figure out how the scripture and God is challenging you then go out and practice that challenge!