Youth Group Trip Waiver

We are excited for you to be a part of Crossroads Youth.
To participate in trips with us, please fill in this waiver, then click Submit.

I am a parent/legal guardian to the above participant and give my full consent and permission for their participation with Crossroads Christian Church activities.

To the best of my knowledge, the mentioned participant is physically and emotionally fit to engage in Crossroads Christian Church activities and does not suffer from any illness, disease, injury or handicap which would hamper or impair his/her participation, or which may cause illness, disease or injury to others participants, or which should otherwise be disclosed for purposes of this document.

Having full knowledge and recognizing that there is inherent risk, I hereby release all claims owned by me, my spouse, or the participant and against Crossroads Christian Church, it’s employees, agents, representatives, and any and all other persons (hereby known as Crossroads) involved.
With the same understanding I release and hold Crossroads harmless for any and all loss of/or damage to property owned by, or relating to, the participant while he/she is with Crossroads.

I understand that the participant may be traveling by plane, bus, SUV, mini van, 12 passenger, 15 passenger or cargo van, and hereby release and hold Crossroads harmless from any injury incurred while traveling.

In the event that he/she is injured while under the care of Crossroads and requires major medical treatment, I hereby direct any adult who shall have care, custody or control over my child while on a trip to contact me, my spouse, or other parent of my child. In the event that they are unable to contact me, my spouse, or other parent of my child, then I specifically authorize such adults to consent to any and all medical treatment which may be deemed necessary and appropriate for the benefit of my child, and I specifically authorize the performing of any procedure which such adult(s) deems advisable and at the recommendation of the doctors or other health care providers treating the participant.

I hereby waive and release all claims against any such adult(s) and Crossroads and agree to hold each harmless of and from any and all claims or liability resulting from such decisions and/or the medical treatment of the participant.
In the event of any personal or property damage done by the participant, I understand that I am completely morally and financially responsible. This includes negligent personal harm or injury inflicted to another individual by the participant and property damage to any and all objected done by the participant.

I understand that Crossroads has the ability to dismiss the participant from participating at any time if behavioral issues arise, and that I am completely responsible to cover:
• Transportation expenses home for participant due to their inability to gain personal control over any actions that may cause injury to themselves or another.
• Transportation expenses home for the participant due to their causing excessive and persistent disruption to the entire group
while with Crossroads.

I authorize that the participants image may be photographed, filmed and used in video, print and web presentations published by Crossroads.