Better Boxes Intro

Dec 9, 2021    Daniel Pate and Nate Thompson

Here at Better Boxes Podcast we allow questions to shape how we understand the human experience and God's narrative. Take a journey with us as we ask deep and meaningful questions about Christianity, spirituality, life, and how we as humans operate in a world that we hope to leave better than we found it. We won't stray away from tough questions, but we want you, the listener, to join us as we unpack specific ideas we have left tucked away in a corner for so long. Let's open those boxes together, let's explore those questions we deemed wasn't worth of our time so long ago, and hopefully along the way we will build Better Boxes. Boxes where we allow for more inclusion, more understanding, more justice, more love in a world filled with so much division. Let's come together as humans trying to learn and do our best.